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Train Your Dog Not to Scratch at the Door: Find Useful Tips

dog scratching at the door

Everyone knows that dogs are loyal companions, and people expect them to train without hassles. However, it is not as easy as you think. You should be dedicated to training your dog properly. Besides some basic training, your dogs may need some advanced training sessions. The basic training is not too challenging, though dog owners may face certain challenges. For example, teaching dogs not to scratch doors could be a challenge. So, how to stop a dog scratching at the door? Find a guide in the following section of the article

Before you stop a dog from scratching at doors, you must know why dogs stretch doors often. Most pet owners think this is harmless, which is true. But, it reflects that your dog is unhappy with something. Nevertheless, regular door scratching may damage the door’s aesthetics. So, find a guide below to prevent your dog from scratching doors.

Why Do Dogs Scratch Doors?

There is more than one reason why dogs scratch doors. Typically, it varies depending on your home environment, basic training, dog’s age, and many other factors.

  • Seeking Freedom: Does your home provide easy access to outdoor space for the dogs? Most homeowners do not give outside access to their dogs. As a result, dogs become stressed in such conditions since they only remain within an indoor space. Giving dogs free access to outdoor areas will keep them happy and healthy. The dog may scratch doors since it seeks freedom to access the outside world.
  • Separation Anxiety: Separation anxiety has been noted as a common concern among dogs since most pet parents remain busy nowadays with their professional commitments. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety often adapt to various unusual behaviors, and scratching the doors could be one of those behaviors.
  • Nature’s Call: Dogs cannot speak like humans, though they can communicate with their owners through various behavioral changes. Your dog scratching doors frequently may signify that it has a nature’s call to answer. Dogs who have trained to poop or pee outside will show such behavior when they experience nature’s call.
  • Illness: The reasons discussed so far are not highly concerning. Nevertheless, you more or less have solutions for these issues. But, you have a concern if your dog used to scratch doors due to illness. Inexperienced pet owners overlook such a problem in the early stages. But illness is a serious concern, and you should consult a pet doctor immediately.

Install a Pet Door

In most cases, dogs scratch doors since they want to explore the outside world. So, installing a pet door is the simplest solution that you can embrace in this regard. A pet door allows your dog to access the backyard or front yard of your property without hassles. The much-needed freedom will fetch amazing joy to them.

Pet door installation is not a difficult thing since many pet owners choose DIY installation in this matter. But, modern pet doors are complex, and the installation process can be challenging. Therefore, it is always good to find a professional and reliable pet door installer near you to install the dog door for your door.

Go Outside with Dog Often

You may have a busy schedule, but it is your responsibility as a pet parent to give adequate time to your pet dog. So, you must schedule fixed time slots in a day to take your dog outside. Going for a walk with the dog is good for both you and your dog.

A walk for a while will keep you active and fresh. On the other hand, your dog will enjoy the world outside and feel more mentally content. Eventually, you will develop a stronger relationship with your dog.

Take Your Dog to Regular Health Checkup

You should take your dog for a regular health checkup. The dog physician will consult you in detail and listen to you about your dog’s weird behaviors. They will suggest medication and training measures if there is a psychological issue for your dog. 

Bottom Line

So, these are some measures that prove useful if you want to know how to stop a dog scratching at the door. Find a professional pet door installation service after purchasing the dog door. You will find different types of pet doors in the marketplace nowadays. Choosing the right pet door and installing the door correctly will ensure an effortless convenience for you and your beloved furry friend.


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