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Pride and Prejudice Book Cover: Unfolding the History of 200 Years

Pride and Prejudice book cover

People say that do not judge a book by its cover. However, a critical analysis of the book cover is essential to judge the content stored inside. Book covers do not reveal the complete story, though it intends to ignite curiosity among readers by highlighting a crucial part of the story.

Sometimes, authors seek book covers according to their genres. For example, soft colors and romantic illustrations are used on the cover of a romantic book. Similarly, books belonging to thriller or mystery genres will reveal complex and abstract cover designs.

Authors and publishers often draw their book cover design inspirations from classic novels such as Pride and Prejudice. This article will discuss the most popular and innovative Pride and Prejudice book covers.

1. Vintage Austen Cover

Image source: Amazon

People who love simplicity in designs and illustrations will find this book cover interesting. Moreover, the design represents a vintage charm. Since the novel takes you back to a classic period, the vintage cover blends with the book. This Pride and Prejudice book cover represents Lizzy and Jane, two sisters. Showcasing their sisterhood on the book cover gives readers a clear idea that the story will revolve around these two sisters.

2. Cross-Stitch Cover

Image source: Makezine

Designed by Leigh-Anne Mullock, the cross-stitched cover is one of the most popular Pride and Prejudice book covers. The cover depicts the romantic side of life, while it also represents accomplishments. The vintage appeal of the cover is ever-lasting. On the other hand, you will love the simplicity featured by the book cover. Using stitched material on the book cover adds uniqueness and sophistication.

3. English Roses on the Cover

Image source: Austenprose

The Pride and Prejudice book cover featuring white and red English roses was popular for a long time among the readers. This book cover edition represents simplicity and modernity. The white and red roses on the cover photo tell about duality. Overall, the roses are the symbols of love and passion. Therefore, the cover photo in this case represents the book’s content with precision.

4. The Peacock Cover

Image source: Amazon

The Peacock cover of Pride and Prejudice is a classic book cover design idea. The cover has remained popular among the readers for a long time. Representing peacocks through a unique illustration brings the idea of showing various shades of life. On the other hand, peacocks are the signs of pride. Overall, this cover looks beautiful and represents the core of the novel in a meticulous way.

5. Penguin Edition Featuring Bird Motif

Image source: Amazon

The Penguin edition of Pride and Prejudice book cover features bird motifs in a pattern. The book cover theme is a blend of abstractness and richness. Designed by famous book cover designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith, this book cover has won the British book design and production awards.


During its 200 years of rich history, Pride and Prejudice has enlisted itself among the classic novels across the world. The novel represents human emotions, romance, bonding, happiness, and other aspects of life. Therefore, designing such a book is challenging for book cover design experts. However, notable designers have overcome the challenge of creating some unique and memorable cover designs for this classic novel. Choosing a good book cover designer is crucial for every author or publisher for this reason.


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