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Which Parenting Style Is Most Encouraged in Modern America?


According to a survey conducted on parents in modern America, more than 70% of parents expressed their concerns about their kids’ mental health. Anxiety and depression are common among kids nowadays due to various social reasons. The same survey reveals that more than 60% of parents acknowledge that their kids have faced major or minor bullying in schools and colleges. In such a challenging scenario, parents need to evolve their parenting styles to help their kids grow and learn empathy.

So, which parenting style is most encouraged in modern America? In parenting, it is impossible to apply one particular rule. In other words, there is no golden rule in parenting. Parents need to understand their kids’ psychology and boost their confidence by mixing various parenting styles and strategies. You can read various books on parenting to enhance your parenting skills. Nevertheless, continue reading this article for detailed guidance on the popular parenting approaches in today’s America.

Top Parenting Styles: Identify the Most Encouraged One

1. Authoritarian Parenting

As the name implies, authoritarian parenting is all about putting parenting authority on the kids. This particular style is high on demandingness though low on responsiveness. In this case, the parents design strict rules for their children to develop certain behavioral traits.

Authoritarian parenting has become an old-style parenting nowadays in the USA. The technique has various drawbacks, and one of them is not letting kids express their thoughts and creativity. Following a strict set of rules often does not help kids develop anticipatory skills.

2. Permissive Parenting

One of the most popular parenting styles in modern America is permissive parenting, which is also known as indulgent parenting. The parenting strategy is high on responsiveness though low on urgency. Permissive parents are like friends to the kids.

In many cases, permissive parenting is mixed with authoritarian parenting style. In such cases, the kids need to follow certain rules, though those rules are not always strict. Kids facing depression or anxiety would find permissive parenting soothing to overcome their mental barriers.

While a permissive parenting style develops excellent social skills among kids, it does not encourage self-regulation. Nevertheless, kids in a permissive parenting environment often turn a little impulsive in decision-making. Moreover, they may also struggle in dealing with testing scenarios.

3. Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parenting is a hyper-vigilant parenting model, which is often applied to teenagers. According to parenting experts, the teenage years are the time when parents and kids grow multiple differences. Teenage children are adventurous in their lives and want to explore new things without understanding the consequences.

The problem with helicopter parenting is that it creates more differences between the parents and kids than resolving anything. Instead of implementing helicopter parenting, the parents should apply parenting with love and logic strategy.

4. Free-Range Parenting

As the name suggests, the free-range parenting strategy is a mix of various parenting styles. In this parenting style, the parents tend to think out of the box to build a strong educational foundation among the kids. Moreover, the parenting strategy proves effective in managing critical mental issues among modern kids.

While it fosters resilience among kids, it also comes with various negative aspects. For example, kids gain autonomy from a tender age and tend to make certain mistakes if parents are not vigilant. Busy parents or working parents often find this problem with this parenting approach.

So, what is the solution in such cases? Busy parents can read Challenge Your Child, a guidebook to parenting, to understand various innovative and modern-era parenting approaches and strategies. The book comes with rich information and compelling solutions to various modern-era parenting challenges.

5. European Parenting

European parenting is an emerging parenting style in modern America. Many children’s psychology experts recommend this parenting style to help kids overcome critical issues such as anxiety and mental depression. Moreover, the parenting style stresses educational conversations with children to develop a profound educational foundation.

Since Europe is a large continent consisting of various countries, it becomes difficult to adopt various approaches to the parenting styles that evolved in Europe. Due to various cultural differences, the parents cannot fully adopt the European parenting approaches. However, picking a few crucial childrearing practices from European courtiers may prove effective for the new parents. You can learn more by reading the best books for new parents to learn more in this regard.

Things to Keep in Mind for Better Parenting

For better parenting, you need to keep a few crucial things in mind. Embracing positive parenting solutions is the key to developing a profound academic foundation for your kids in the future. Nevertheless, it also teaches your kids the value of empathy. Here is a quick guide to the crucial parenting factors that you must keep in mind.

  • Balanced Approach: No parenting technique is totally wrong, and every technique has something good and bad to offer. Therefore, modern parents should evaluate their children’s psychology and embrace a balanced parenting strategy.
  • Effective Communication: Effective communication is another key thing to keep in mind when you deal with your children. Parents can learn and enhance their communication skills with children by reading Challenge Your Child.
  • Independence and Responsibility: While it is important to give independence to modern children, teaching them responsibility is also crucial. Independence without teaching responsibility will lead to a fatal result.
  • Adaptability: Teaching kids to adapt to different situations is essential to ensure seamless parenting. Parents may learn adaptability from the European parenting style. You also need to read the best parenting books to obtain more insights in this regard.

Challenge Your Child: An Ultimate Book for Busy Parents

Parenting cannot be learned through crash courses since it is a process of evaluating your children’s requirements and psychological state. Parents need to adopt different types of strategies to help their kids grow. Reading parenting-related books to learn educational dialogues is more important for the parents of this generation. Challenge Your Child is the book to aid you in this regard.

Written by Kevin Smith, this book guides parents on educational conversations with children and tricks to promoting anticipatory skills among kids. The book intends to make parenting fun and a learning experience for new parents. At the same time, it helps the most to the working parents, who remain busy with their professional commitments.


Modern lifestyle poses many challenges for new parents, and understanding those challenges is crucial to overcome them. The emerging trend of single parents in the USA has also made things more complex for the children. In such a scenario, adopting the new-era parenting techniques is crucial to building a strong foundation for children. Hope this article has helped you find the parenting style that is most encouraged in modern times in the USA.


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