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Clear Coating for Cars: Everything That You Should Know

Clear Coating for Cars

Car is a prestigious purchase, which everyone wants to maintain in top-notch condition. A seamless deep cleaning is crucial to enhance the vehicle’s appearance. Keeping the car clean also enhances its longevity. However, at this stage, some would find a serious concern when washing their vehicles. Regular cleaning may cause damage to the car’s paint to a significant extent. This is where the clear coatings come into the picture. The following section of this article will give you a detailed insight into the clear coating for cars.

An Introduction to Clear Coating for Cars

In most cases, every vehicle’s exterior has three layers of paint. The bottom layer is known as primer, which holds the next two layers of paint. The primer is a neutral layer, which allows other colors to hold the car’s exterior with precision.

The next paint coat after the primer is known as the base coat. The base coat brings the basic hue to the primer so that the final coat can look vibrant and glossy. The final paint layer is the clear coat. More than 95% of automobile manufacturers use clear coats nowadays due to their sustainability and top-class finish.

Reasons to Choose Clear Coats

As mentioned above, most car manufacturers use clear coats nowadays. So, what is the reason behind using clear coats? Find the benefits of using these clear industrial coatings for automobiles in the following section.

  • Protection: The primary purpose of a clear coat is to give a protective layer to the automobiles. You can wash the car frequently without thinking about color fading since nano-coating is a long-lasting solution.
  • Easy Maintenance: The clear coating is easy to maintain since it requires occasional waxing. The waxing can repair minor scratches on the paint with precision. If the scratches do not reach the base or primer coating, waxing can repair it and make your vehicle paint look new again.
  • Eye-Catching Vibrance: The clear coat brings a vibrant and shiny appearance. The finish of this paint is better than the other paints that were used for the vehicle exterior in the past. Nano clear coat brings an exceptional shine, which lasts on the car for a long time.
  • Good for the Environment: The solvent-based base paints used for vehicles often emit harmful volatile compounds. These compounds can potentially cause health hazards and environmental problems. Applying clear coatings on the base paint prevents the emission of harmful volatile compounds.

How to Apply the Clear Coat?

The clear coat is typically applied on the car exterior after the base coat has been done. The vehicle manufacturers and mechanics ensure that nano clear coating has been applied when the base coat is totally dry. The process of applying clear coating has been discussed in the following section.

  • Preparing the Surface: When the base coat is dry, you need to clean the surface with precision. Removing dirt and dust particles is important for a smooth and seamless application of the clean coats.
  • Spraying the Coat: Typically, the nano-coating paint application experts use professional spray guns. Using the spray guns ensures an even and seamless application of the clear coating.
  • Curing and Drying: The clear coat should be left to dry after its application. The time may vary depending on the climate conditions. In high humid conditions, the paint has been dried using the heat lamps.
  • Polishing and Buffing: Buffing and polishing are common procedures after completing the curing process. This step brings a shiny charm to the car’s exterior, making it look appealing to the eyes.

Steps to Maintain Your Car’s Clear Coats

The clear coat is so strong that it often gets compared with the teeth’ enamel. The protective layer of this paint can prevent scratches and other damage to the car’s exterior. Maintaining the coating will eventually keep your car’s appearance eye-catching for a long time. As your car appears in good condition, you will get an amazing resale value. Find some easy steps to maintain the clear coating’s longevity for your vehicle.

  • Wash Your Car Regularly: You need to protect your vehicle from corrosive elements such as tree sap, bird droppings, dead insects, tar, and more. When you notice these things on your car’s exterior, you need to clean them as quickly as possible. This will prevent corrosion of the exterior paint to a large extent.
  • Bars and Lubricants: You can use a clay bar to pick up loose debris on the vehicle’s surface. Instead of the clay bars, you can also use spray lubricants to remove the debris. Using the clay bar at least twice a year can protect the car’s clear coating for a long time.
  • Shield from the Sun: UV exposure can damage the base coat of your vehicle, and clear coating can prevent such damage. However, clear coating is not invincible in front of the UV rays. So, you should try avoiding sun exposure when you park your vehicle.
  • Top-Quality Waxing: Using wax to prevent the clear coating corrosion is essential. Vehicle owners should invest in high-quality wax, which must be applied occasionally to prevent and repair clear coating damage.

Bottom Line

So, these are the fundamental things that one should know about clear coating for vehicles. Nowadays, clear coating has extensive use in various industrial paint for metal. The biggest benefit of using nano clear coating is the long-lasting result. Moreover, it prevents the corrosion of metals and base paints with precision. For all these reasons, a clear coating has become the ultimate choice for vehicle manufacturers for vehicle painting.


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