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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix Patchy Beard

how to fix patchy beard

Growing a beard is a new trend, as it brings an amazing masculine charm to your face and personality. However, a beard look would prove a complete failure if you do not groom your beard perfectly. Besides grooming, people also face many other issues with their beards. For example, patchy beard growth is a problem for many people. A patchy beard is a consequence of hormonal disorders and genetic issues. So, the million-dollar question is how to fix patchy beard? Is it even possible to fix a patchy beard? The following section of this article will help you find answers to these questions.

A Detailed Guide on How to Fix Patchy Beard

Before finding the solutions to a patchy beard, let us understand the reasons that could potentially lead to a patchy beard condition. Health and wellness experts have found various reasons behind the occurrence of this problem. The following section will discuss the most prominent reasons behind patchy beards.

  • Genetic Factor: Genetic factor is the biggest factor in hair and beard growth. You will notice that your hair texture resembles either your father’s or mother’s hair texture. Hair growth is also controlled by human genes. Therefore, beard growth vastly depends on genetic factors, though you can still fix the patchy beard issue to some extent in such cases.
  • Nutritional Imbalance: A poor dietary habit can lead to poor hair growth. The absence of balanced nutrients in your daily diet can reduce collagen production. As a result, hair texture will become thinner and fragile with the advent of time. A lack of collagen also leads to premature aging and no facial and scalp hair growth.
  • High Stress: Stress has become a part of life for everyone nowadays. Feeling stressed is common since people undergo a hectic schedule at home and workplace. Stress can lead to sleeping disorders, digestive problems, and other physical issues. A lack of hair growth or hair fall can be a result of stress.
  • Hormonal Problems: Hormonal issues are also the prominent reasons behind patchy beard and thinning hair. However, researchers have found that hormonal problems are also somehow related to your genes. Fixing these hormonal issues is crucial if you want to get rid of the patchy beard problem.
  • Immunity Disorder: Immunity disorder can also lead to rapid hair loss from specific body regions. For example, alopecia is a disease that causes rapid hair loss from specific body parts. You may have a patchy beard due to this disease, which is not curable with any medicines. However, a beard tattoo can help you overcome a patchy beard problem.

Solutions to Fix Patchy Beard

So, these are the reasons why one may experience a patchy beard. Now, let’s explore the potential solutions to fix the patchy beard issue.

1. Change Your Diet Plan

A lack of protein and balanced nutrition can lead to a lack of hair growth on the face. The hormones will work correctly if you feed your body cells with adequate proteins and other important nutrients. However, this is not a quick solution to grow a beard uniformly. A change in dietary plan will help other solutions to work more efficiently on fixing the patchy beard.

2. Apply Beard Growth Oil

Nowadays, beard grooming is on trend. Therefore, it is not difficult to find various beard grooming products in the marketplace. For example, you will find beard growth oil, which can help your beard grow thicker and fuller. Applying beard growth oil may take 3-6 months to render a satisfactory result. However, it may not work for everyone, and some people may also experience slow results.

3. Vitamin Capsules

Consuming vitamin capsules can also stimulate beard growth, though you should consult a professional physician or dietician before taking such capsules. While a lack of vitamins can cause hair loss and patchy beard issues, over-consumption of the vitamins can also lead to such problems. Therefore, it is essential to consult a professional physician to consume these capsules at the correct dosage.

4. Beard Tattoo or Beard Micropigmentation

The only instant solution to the patchy beard is undergoing a cosmetic beard tattoo. A beard tattoo refers to a procedure of implanting tiny pigments on the face. These pigments resemble the natural human hair follicles. Therefore, applying the pigments to the hairless patches can improve the overall hair density. Notably, the procedure does not encourage hair growth on hollow facial regions. It mimics the original hair follicles to give a fuller beard look.


So, these are the answers to your question about how to fix patchy beard. Among the solutions available to fix patchy beard, scalp micropigmentation is one of the best procedures. The treatment is painless and affordable. Moreover, you will obtain an instant result with this treatment. So, fix your patchy beard with beard tattooing and embrace an effortless masculine charm.


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