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What Is a Russian Manicure? Decoding the Controversy

Russian Manicure

Russian manicure is a nail beauty trend that has created some controversies in the last few years. The manicure artists often speak in a hushed tone when it comes to discussing the Russian manicure. Many celebrities have adopted and displayed their passion for this manicure. On the other hand, some celebrities have openly criticized this nail art. The following section of this article will decode the controversies surrounding the Russian manicure.

What Is a Russian Manicure?

Before delving deeper into the controversies surrounding the Russian manicure, let us first talk more about this manicure technique and procedure. In layman’s terms, a Russian manicure is a dry manicure, which does not require water soaking. You may find various other dry manicure procedures, though this particular dry manicure technique has landed into controversy.

Typically, the manicure artists require specialized devices to conduct this manicure procedure. For example, nail artists require nail drills and other equipment to remove excess skin around the nail bed. Reading this will give you an idea of why this manicure procedure is controversial. Besides being controversial, the procedure is complex. So, you need a professional manicure artist to undergo the procedure.

The technique was first invented by manicure artists in Russia, and thus it has been named Russian manicure. From Russia, it traveled to neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, etc. The technique became so popular in these countries that Russian manicure has replaced the mainstream or traditional manicure.

The Benefits of Russian Manicure

One of the major benefits of the Russian manicure is that it is aesthetically pleasing. The procedure removes excess skin to make the nails appear sharper and bolder. Besides enhancing aesthetic appeal, Russian manicure lasts longer than other manicure techniques. So, it is cost-effective to undergo this manicure at a local salon. This manicure is also good for those, who experience slow nail growth. Try the Russian manicure to improve your nail growth in a quick span.

What Makes Russian Manicure So Controversial?

The Russian manicure is controversial because the technique includes drilling into the nail bed. The drilling has been done to remove gel nail polish wraps. Drilling may cause significant damage to the nails. However, the risk can be minimized if a manicure expert possesses expertise in drilling into the nail bed.

The manicure expert also uses an electric file to remove the nail cuticle. Exposing the eponychium to remove the cuticle may attract some bacterial infections to the nails. As a result, a person may sustain long or short-term nail infections and other relevant problems.

Bottom Line

While discussing what is a Russian manicure, one should discuss both positive and negative aspects. While a Russian manicure renders excellent nail aesthetics, it also carries the risk of nail damage. Choosing a trained and skilled professional is essential in this regard. An untrained manicure professional may cause significant damage to the nails, which cannot be easily treated.


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