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Taste The Best in Singapore’s Little India

Taste The Best in Singapore's Little India

A country like Singapore serves the best multi-cuisine food in Little India. If you are a tourist or even a local, you should try authentic and piquant dishes. Visit the restaurants and taste the best in Singapore’s Little India.

A multicultural country like Singapore, where people arrive from different parts of the world requires multicultural cuisine. When it comes to food, every country has its specialty. Singapore on the other hand has accepted a variety of cuisines and presented them to its native for them to have their taste buds burst with flavors.

In this era of globalization, every cuisine has traveled to a foreign country and has been welcomed with love. All that matters is taste. Most people are familiar with lip-smacking Indian cuisine. India’s diverse culture has different types of cuisine varying from one region to another. Whether it is from the North of India or the South or East or West, you will find a wide range of dishes with either little or no similarity.

The vast range of cuisine has made Singapore adapt to all the cultural cuisine and build a Little India on the island itself.

Apart from high rises, universal studios, and botanic gardens you can find delicious food throughout the country. And if, by any chance, you happen to miss Indian cuisine or ‘Ghar ka khana‘ then visiting Singapore’s Little India is a must.

Restaurants In Little India, Singapore

Little India, as the name suggests has made a special place when it comes to the places a tourist must visit while traveling to Singapore. In Singapore’s Little India, you will be able to spot quirky jewelry shops, cozy cafes to spend your afternoons, and multi-cuisine restaurants to serve you the popular Indian dishes.

Little India has countless non-vegetarian and vegetarian restaurants that serve mouth-watering and wholesome dishes. Be it North Indian dishes like butter chicken, biryani, mutton curry, palak paneer, or South Indian dishes such as delicious dosas, upma, vada, and Chettinad masala. Apart from meals, you can also find a wide range of snacks such as samosas, fish fries, and fried dough fritters to munch. You cannot miss the delectable desserts like gulab jamun, gajar ka halwa, and Mysore Pak. You name it and you can have it. You can try the different types of drinks served by the drinks stalls to quench your thirst for a good healthy drink.

The restaurants in Little India have the best reviews from the locals and tourists. Most of them are multicuisine restaurants serving you different types of ‘thalis’, an all-in-one platter where you can taste every delicacy and be blown away by their preparation. If you are a vegetarian exploring Singapore, you don’t need to be disappointed. Little India will take care of your tummy. Many high-rated vegetarian restaurants in Singapore are located in Little India.

The food is authentic in all the restaurants. The vegetarian restaurants have some of the best chefs who prepare the dishes with pure spices and virgin oil to make the dishes palatable. Every restaurant has a charming ambiance which makes the entire act of eating food a heartwarming experience. Once you have entered any of the restaurants in Little India, you forget everything and enjoy the food that comes to your plate.

Tourists are attracted to this place because of its vibrant display of colors that portrays a positive vibe and makes it a happy place. The restaurants provide the facility of islandwide food delivery in Singapore too. So even if you miss eating in any of the restaurants in Little India, your favorite dish will be just a call away.

Some restaurants in Little India were set up in the early 20th century and have been serving Indian cuisine since then. Thus, you can surely believe in the authenticity of the preparation of the various dishes that you try in Singapore’s Little India.


Whether you want to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Singapore’s Little India has got all of it covered. While you can visit the place to buy souvenirs and explore a slice of India, in Singapore you cannot miss out on eating in the restaurants in Little India, Singapore. Exploring Little India is a part of exploring the country. Once you reach there, the picturesque building and energetic vibe will catch your attention, making you shop, explore and eat in the restaurants of Little India Singapore.

All in all, you can expect to have a good time in this hood of Singapore where you will find a mini India and will not miss home-cooked food.


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