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What Is Overlay Nails? Make Your Nails Healthier

Overlay Nails Wraps

Looking beautiful is not all about wearing branded clothes. It is about embracing the grooming ideas that make you look smarter and more happening. This is why manicure is important for women. When it comes to manicures, women choose various types of products and designs to express their style statements through nails. However, using cosmetics for nails has a downside. Since these products are manufactured using chemicals, they may leave a harsh impact on your nails. If you want to know how to keep your nails healthier, you should know what is overlay nails. The following section discusses the importance of nail overlays.

What Are Gel Overlay Nails?

In simple words, gel overlay is a technique to create a natural-looking finish to the nails. The procedure involves applying gel directly to your nails to add strength. In case your nail is prone to chipping or breaking, you can apply a gel overlay to improve your nail’s strength. At the same time, the gel overlay brings a natural sheen, which makes your nails more attractive.

Since overlay nails are clean or transparent, they are also known as transparent gel nail wraps or stickers. Sometimes, professional manicure artists use overlay nails to create a base layer for nail art or polish. You will find different types of overlay nails in the marketplace nowadays. Understanding those types is the first priority for those who want to know more about overlay nails.

Types of Overlay Nails

As discussed above, you will find different types of overlay nails in the marketplace. Find a guide on those types below before you purchase overlay nails.

  • Gel Overlays: In this type of manicure, the builder gel has been used. Typically, the builder gel comes with a thicker consistency. Nevertheless, it renders more protection to the nails than the regular gels. The overlay nails typically need drying up under the UV light.
  • Acrylic Overlays: The acrylic overlay is another popular nail overlay. It comes from a typical bead, which is a mixture of powder polymer and liquid monomer. The result is similar to a typical artificial acrylic nail, though acrylic overlays are not as durable as the artificial ones.
  • Dip Powder Overlays: The dip powders have been used to reinforce the nails. Typically, these nails are more lightweight than the acrylic nails. A sealant has been applied after dipping the nails into the powder to make the overlay last longer.

Why Do You Need Overlay Nails?

So, why do the manicure artists consider gel nail overlay wraps? Find answers to this question in the following section.

  • Natural Nail Strengthening: The overlay gel nail stickers or wraps add more strength to your nails. An extra layer of the overlay nail will prevent chipping and breaking. If you have a thin or fragile nail texture, you can try the overlay gel nail stickers or wraps.
  • Natural-Looking Finish: The gel overlay adds a natural shine or gloss to the nails. People lose the natural charm of their nails over time due to many reasons. You can make the nails more attractive by applying transparent nail wraps.
  • Versatile Application: The manicure artists recommend the gel overlay nails for various reasons. For example, you can apply it on fragile and unattractive nails to make them attractive. Alternatively, you can apply it to your manicure to add durability to the base layer.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike other manicure solutions, overlay gel nail wraps require minimal maintenance. Once applied, such stickers can last two to three weeks on your nails. You do not need regular touch ups and color changes when overlay nail stickers are applied.

Wrapping up

This article has provided a deep insight into overlay nails. Keep in mind that overlay nails do not help your nails grow quicker. However, applying these gel nails can add strength to your existing nails, preventing chipping or brittleness. Another good thing is that overlay nail stickers can enhance the longevity of the existing nail wraps. Nevertheless, it brings a glossy layer over the existing manicure to make it more attractive.


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